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Neighborhood news hole

Mission Local dropped by its fiscal sponsor, continuing the decline in city reporting resources


The San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner are the city's largest mainstream newspapers, but their reporting staffs have been gutted by layoffs over the last couple decades, leaving hyperlocal blogs and community newspapers to fill the reporting gaps. But now it appears the hyperlocal blogs, a good source of neighborhood news, are also facing hard times.Read more »

Don't be a Glasshole

Google Glass bar fights aren't about class warfare — they're about privacy


If one Googled "etiquette for wearing Google Glass" last week, the top search result was news of an incident involving Sarah Slocum, a social media consultant who achieved overnight international fame for winding up in a bar fight.

It started Feb. 22 when Slocum popped into the Lower Haight bar Molotov's sometime before last call. She was wearing Google Glass, a wearable computer that can surf the web, live stream, and record through a computerized prism positioned on a set of glasses in front of the right eye.Read more »

Staying alive

Support group addresses AIDS Survivors Syndrome and the challenges of cheating death


By all accounts, Tez Anderson shouldn't be alive today. When he contracted HIV in 1981, doctors gave him only two years to live. Somehow, he managed to outlast that prognosis by three decades.

"People ask me how I'm still here, and honestly, I don't know," he told the Guardian during an interview in his small office above Harvey's Restaurant in the Castro. "I would get these little reprieves — two more years here and there — and I just got used to living like that."Read more »

Facetime found

Randi Zuckerberg on Google bus blockades, digital overload, and the "uterus lottery"


It's rare for a member of the tech elite to sit down with the Bay Guardian for candid discussion on how the region's burgeoning technology industry is impacting San Francisco. Despite our frequent attempts to obtain comment from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ron Conway, for instance, the billionaire investor never seems to have a free moment to chat.Read more »

Climate fight is a street fight



Prolonged warm-weather droughts seem a normal part of California life, but the intensity of drought impacts — shrinking snowpack, intense wildfires, crop failures, and the devastation of wildlife habitat and fisheries — is likely accentuated by global warming.Read more »

Kick the can

Fact-checking the opposition to the Sugary Beverage Tax reveals misleading claims


At least 720 San Francisco businesses oppose the controversial Sugary Beverage Tax proposed for the November ballot, according to the proposed ballot measure's opponents. But a Guardian investigation shows that claim is overstated.

Some businesses were listed with the consent of employees who couldn't speak for the business, not their owners, and some businesses listed aren't even open anymore.Read more »


Google buses, library targets the homeless, and Kelly takes on Cohen in D10


Google bus plan challenged

San Francisco activists and labor filed an appeal of the controversial commuter shuttle (aka, the Google buses) pilot program with the Board of Supervisors on Feb. 19, alleging it was pushed through without a proper environmental review.

The appeal was filed by a coalition of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, SEIU 1021, The League of Pissed Off Voters, and Sara Shortt of the Housing Rights Committee.Read more »


Speakers boycotting security conference to protest collaboration with NSA


The world's largest computer security conference, RSA, got underway in the Moscone Convention Center on Feb. 24. It's a huge deal: Speakers will include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and closing remarks will be given by comedian Stephen Colbert.

Started in 1991, the RSA Conference has grown exponentially. But this year, 13 digital security experts have canceled their scheduled talks in protest of recent revelations that RSA cooperated with the National Security Agency to use a flawed tool for safeguarding sensitive information.Read more »

Muni fare shakedown


Update: Just a day after the release of this article, advocacy group POWER announced that Google pledged to pay for Free Muni For Youth for two years. “This validates both the success and necessity of the Free Muni for Youth program,”said Bob Allen, leader in the FreeMuni for Youth coalition, in a press release. “We need tech companies in San Francisco and throughout the region to work with the community to support more community-driven solutions to the displacement crisis.” Read more »

Guardian investigation honored


Bay Guardian News Editor Rebecca Bowe and Staff Writer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez are being honored by the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California with a James Madison Freedom of Information Award for "Friends in the Shadows," our investigation of the shady ways that developers and other powerful players buy influence at City Hall.Read more »