Don't privatize public safety

An SF General EMT speaks out


Four weeks ago, surgeon Dimitry Nikitin walked out of Florida's Orlando Regional Medical Center to his car and was shot dead by a disgruntled patient who then turned his gun on himself and committed suicide. Last September, a doctor at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins was shot and killed by a patient distraught over his mother's terminal diagnosis.Read more »

No equality without economic equality

The unified San Francisco queer movement is history


San Francisco's queer movement isn't what it used to be.

Even the Castro District — once the center of perpetual protests and street organizing, not to mention the Tom Ammiano write-in campaign — bears little resemblance to the neighborhood that used to be considered the gayest in the country. A recent Advocate survey didn't even mention San Francisco in its list of 15 gayest cities.Read more »

Treasure Island: 11 ayes, no sight

The Board of Supervisors doesn't see that Treasure Island is a bloated project that will vastly exceed the region's capacity to support it.


On June 7, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 to reject an appeal of the Treasure Island environmental impact report. The appeal was brought by Arc Ecology and our colleagues the Sierra Club, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Wild Equity, former Sup. Aaron Peskin, and Yerba Buena Island resident Ken Masters.

The board will tell you that the Department of City Planning and the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development found the appeal lacking in merit.Read more »

Stopping foreclosure secrecy

Real people are enduring the devastation of foreclosure processes because of the excesses of bankers and investment firms. By Phil Ting and Kevin Stein

OPINION Thanks to a shadowy corporate mortgage recording system, millions of Californians have no idea who owns their home loans.

As we suffer through this recession triggered by reckless subprime lending and Wall Street speculation, our recovery is being held back in part because people are struggling with foreclosures and underwater home values — exacerbated by a lack of mortgage transparency.Read more »

Waggoner for Police Commission

Despite reforms, we have a Police Department that is struggling to overcome credibility and morale problems


By Harry Britt, Matt Gonzalez, and Aaron Peskin

OPINION Given the escalating scandals in the San Francisco Police Department, the time is ripe to appoint a police commissioner who understands the recurring problems and the need for reform.

The supervisors have the opportunity to appoint such a commissioner: David Waggoner. Waggoner's extensive background in policy reform, community policing, and criminal justice issues will be a valuable asset to the commission.Read more »

On the chopping block in Oakland

Deregulating urban animal farming would create problems that multiply as livestock increases



What exactly is on the chopping block in Oakland these days? If one proposal goes through, it could be a live animal's neck.Read more »

For Milk's birthday, sit on a sidewalk!

The perception of the Haight is scaring away tourists and causing businesses to lose money


Sit/lie, a law that prohibits sitting or lying on a sidewalk near a storefront, has had a long and tumultuous history in San Francisco.

Forty years ago, it was used against hippies in the Haight and gay men in the Castro. Gay activist Harvey Milk came out against it after 14 gay men were arrested one night outside a gay bar. Thanks to the efforts of the ACLU and LGBT organizations, the law was struck down in 1979.Read more »

The Yellow Pages are green

Standing up for the Yellow Pages -- and local businesses


OPINION It's not often that the interests of seniors, cyclists, and small businesses intersect, but we all will be disadvantaged if Board of Supervisors President David Chui's ordinance to stop Yellow Pages distribution in SF passes. Read more »

Mirkarimi running for sheriff

Hennessey's pick for his successor


OPINION Serving as San Francisco Sheriff is a huge civic responsibility. The sheriff has 1,000 employees, more than 2,000 pretrial and sentenced prisoners daily, and management responsibility for a budget of more than $150 million. And, like all department heads, the sheriff's involved in a lot of politics.

I believe Sup. Ross Mirkarimi is the person best prepared to serve as San Francisco's next sheriff.Read more »

Approve affordable housing -- for youth

Legislation regarding a crucial project to house low-income youth is on its way


OPINION Booker T. Washington, born as a slave, risked his life to learn to read and write and went on to found Tuskegee University. At his core, he believed that economic independence and access to education were the keys to equality. He put it best when he said: "There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up."Read more »