Stored power

Green-tech manufacturing, climate science, and wisdom from the Amazon




For this second installment of our environmental news column, we're looking at climate change from wildly different perspectives. We'll explore whether local green-tech manufacturing firms can help wean California off fossil fuels, highlight some key data from the National Climate Assessment, and hear from an Amazonian shaman who's fed up with white people making a mess of the planet and his home territory.

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Chiu for Assembly



San Francisco is at a crossroads. While some residents benefit from prosperity, an affordable housing crisis coupled with income inequality make this a time of struggle for other San Franciscans.Read more »

Don't police the pot docs



By Ahimsa Porter Sumchai


Senate Bill 1262 was introduced in the California Senate on Feb. 21 by veteran legislator Lou Correa. It is a medical marijuana bill designed to regulate physicians, dispensaries, and cultivation sites via rigid government oversight. Sponsored by the California Police Chiefs Association, SB 1262 promises to "provide a clear road map for the responsible implementation of Proposition 215 in California since voters approved it in 1996."Read more »

Stop the eviction of Benito Santiago


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A farewell to tech



By Hanna Johnson


OPINION When people hear that I'm bidding farewell to the tech industry — a career that appears to be gaining momentum at a salary that allows me to sustain myself in San Francisco — they invariably speculate about the reason.

The reputation of the industry is that it's not always hospitable to women, but that hasn't been my experience. I've had a number of excellent mentors, cheerleaders, and colleagues of both sexes who have supported me during the three years I've spent in tech.Read more »

Appeal to the Giants



By John Farrell

OPINION We all love our 2010 and 2012 World Champion Giants and wish them all the best in 2014. But I also want to see the team do right by San Franciscans.

The Giants organization built its ballpark for over $350 million in 2000 and leased land from the Port. The 2012 property assessment was approximately $196.8 million, at least $200 million under value in my opinion, resulting in a property tax loss to the city of over $2.3 million annually.Read more »

Reduce sex trafficking by addressing demand



By Ellyn Bell and Minouche Kandel


Many people know that the Bay Area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. What most people do not know is that the FBI ranks the Bay Area as one of the worst 13 areas in the country for child sex trafficking.Read more »

Last chance for Marcus Books, part of SF's black history



It's taken decades, but the Mahattanization of San Francisco is nearly complete: The immigrants, artists, and natives who built the City and gave it its unique flavor can no longer afford to live here.

With San Francisco's African American population largely banished to across the bay, along with the working and artists classes, the freethinking lifestyle that attracted so many people to the Bay Area in the first place has largely been and gone.Read more »

Soda tax is social justice issue


Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org, John.Avalos@sfgov.orgtom@tomammiano.com


We are fighting for a soda tax because public health leaders have sounded the alarm that sugary drinks are a serious threat to our public health. Now is the time to get the word out about the latest facts that tell the story.Read more »