Tech must support Ellis reforms



San Francisco is facing an eviction crisis, a reality that politicians of all ideological stripes have finally begun to address. It was good to see our two best representatives to the California Legislature introduce bills to reform the Ellis Act in the last week, but these will be empty gestures unless the political class and its allies in the technology industry and the larger business community step up and offer strong support for the effort.Read more »

The Goldies: What we're fighting for


EDITORIAL If you want to understand what we at the Bay Guardian and activists from the broader progressive movement mean when we say that we're fighting for the soul of San Francisco, just peruse this issue's 25th annual Goldies awards. The artists that we profile and celebrate are the very people that this city in now in danger of losing.Read more »

Higher wages and tenants' rights, for the win


As we document in this week's cover story, a citywide coalition has sprung up to fight for tenants' rights in the face of mounting evictions and soaring rents, and momentum on this issue is steadily growing.

But that isn't the only sign of a newly invigorated movement that's beginning to count its victories and advance forward on behalf of tenants, workers, and thousands of San Franciscans who are less focused on turning a quick profit and more concerned with bringing about positive change. Last week brought several high notes on this front.Read more »

Guns, gods, and government


EDITORIAL Humans tend to believe that we're smarter than we really are. It's a problem that can be exacerbated by concentrations of wealth and technological expertise, which can cause some people to believe they have an almost God-like power to manifest solutions to any challenge they confront, particularly when they have lots of money to throw at the problem.Read more »

City ignores public on bus plan


EDITORIAL San Francisco's tech bus saga has proven to be a source of fascination to national and international media outlets. Blockades of Google, Apple, and Facebook shuttles have fueled the narrative that the city is gripped by class warfare, with evictees and low-income renters raging against well-heeled private shuttle passengers and the taxpayer-subsidized tech industry.Read more »

What "Google bus" really means


EDITORIAL In recent years, "Google bus" has become a term that encompasses more than just the shuttles that one corporation uses to transport its workers from San Francisco down to the Silicon Valley. It has taken on a symbolic meaning representing the technology sector's desire to shield itself from the infrastructure, values, and responsibilities that most citizens choose to share.Read more »

Start the mayor's race now



We hope you enjoyed last week's cover package, "The Rise of Candidate X," a parable about politics and the media in San Francisco. While it was clearly a fantastical tale, it also had a serious underlying message that we would like to discuss more directly here. Bold actions are needed to save San Francisco. It will take a broad-based coalition to keep the city open to all, and that movement can and should morph into a progressive campaign for the Mayor's Office, starting now.Read more »

Jesus was a socialist


EDITORIAL Christmas Day, here in the city of St. Francis, seems like a fine time to look at Jesus Christ, what he advocated, and what his legacy is today. Because this traditionally Catholic city has temples filled with crass money changers these days, and a mistaken elevation of "the market" to almost divine status — developments that are antithetical to everything the Bible teaches about Jesus.Read more »

Defining problems and shaping solutions


EDITORIAL Our attitudes and ideologies shape how we see the world. How we define the problems and challenges we face in San Francisco and other Bay Area cities shapes the menu of solutions that we may choose to pursue. Perspective is everything, something progressives seem to understand better than many political moderates, who like to think of themselves as somehow transcending ideology and social bias.Read more »

Tech leaders must engage their critics


EDITORIAL It's time for San Franciscans to have a public conversation about who we are, what we value, and where we're headed. In the increasingly charged and polarized political climate surrounding economic displacement, the rising populist furor needs to be honestly and seriously addressed by this city's major stakeholders.Read more »