Cheap Eats


Nursing wounds -- and diving into Sugoi Sushi


CHEAP EATS After the game we went to the Pilsner Inn to drink with the other team and watch the 49ers. Who, btw, ended up winning that Sunday by twice as much as we did.

Our relatively new li'l football team, like the big ol' San Francisco one, is developing an identity as a defensive powerhouse. I like this. It was the talk of the opposition, down the bar: how we had befuddled the bejesus out of them, to the tune of four interceptions, two returned by Stringbean for touchdowns, and a fumble recovery.Read more »

Serendipity, with saba

Everything comes together at Tokyo Teriyaki


CHEAP EATS The number of severed duck heads in my compost bucket currently stands at eight, but I am open to more. Did anyone else accidentally go to Louisiana and shoot some ducks, bring them back, put them in the fridge, and then not have time to deal with them?

If so, I'm here for you. If you want, I'll even share the resultant gumbo. Just ask the de la Cooters.Read more »

Roll with it

Secret bahn mi joys (and pugilistas) at Kim's Cafe


CHEAP EATS They said it would smell like a hamster cage. And it did, but we persevered. Our instructions were to go all the way to the back of the restaurant — past the cash register and past the kitchen, where there was another, much pleasanter room that did not smell like a hamster cage. And it didn't.Read more »

Oh, the cutlery

Sharp words -- and some fantastic kimchi fried rice at Spoon


CHEAP EATS This bums me out: hearing straight-phobic comments from queers. It's a San Francisco thing. I'll leave it to better minds than mine to figure out why. But in New Orleans, among our queer community, I never heard anything like it. And in New York City, among Hedgehog's ... nope.


But here, home, in San Francisco, it happens repeatedly. And as much as it used to bother me, as a closeted queer, to hear straight friends (assuming my sameness), make trans- and homophobic statements and jokes, it hurts now to hear the reverse.Read more »

Nailed it

Southpaw BBQ is more than a pinch-hitter


CHEAP EATS Hedgehog got me this Groupon for a fancy pantsy mani-pedi at a place in San Mateo puts flower petals and orange slices in your feet water! It's hard for me to hold a grudge, however, because at the time-of-purchase we were living in New Orleans. For all she knew, San Mateo was a suburb of San Fran, like the Sunset or the Richmond.

Nope. You have to drive.Read more »

Koi hooey

The High Halushki of Hyperbole is not amused.


CHEAP EATS Coach's dad said it was the best Chinese restaurant in the world. The world being a pretty big place, and one which includes all of China, we went. Him, her, me, Hedgehog, Indiana Jake, and a Random Texan.

Daly City. Koi Palace. Pffft.

I'd retract that last little almost involuntary and entirely uncomplex sentence in deference to Mr. Coach, him being a respected figure among us, but come to find (over appetizers) that he didn't say it was the best Chinese restaurant in the world; some guy did.Read more »

Finger waves

It's all about the signs at Mozzeria


CHEAP EATS Oh, I have so many sporty things to tell you about! To my surprise I am playing baseball again, football season starts (for girls) on the same day it starts for the 49ers: next weekend! Meanwhile, the Giants and A's are both very much "in it," entering September. Steroid busts . . .

Next week I am going to hire a dedicated sports writer for Cheap Eats. Mine will be the very first cheap eats newspaper column with a sports section in it.Read more »

Dishing the dirt

Potato, taro, and yuca -- yum!


CHEAP EATS I didn't do justice to Curry Boyzz, my new favorite restaurant, in last week's review; I realize that. I completely and utterly neglected to mention who I ate there with!

Well, Hedgehog.

Moving right along ...

Wait, there was someone else at our table, I feel certain. But Hedgehog, who is the half of our family that remembers things, is at work. She is also the half of our family that works.Read more »

Friends, love, leftovers

Waves of nostalgia -- and a trip to Curry Boyzz

CHEAP EATS Georgie Bundle is my new favorite person. My ever-loving bassist and keeper of my records, he has at various times during our many years of friendship impressed me with his barbecued things and bass lines. His harmonies, his goosey Christmases... He once accepted custody of some hand-me-down chickens of mine and built a coop for them on his lunch break. It was next to the steps, under the avocado tree, as if my old ex-chickens' existence wasn't cartoonish enough.Read more »

Liver or leave 'er

Love in a pretzel at Salumeria


CHEAP EATS Kayday came back down to town and for letting her stay in our bottom apartment, she treated Hedgehog and me to Chinese food, and just me to Japanese. The Japanese was at Izakaya Yuzuki, which I can see out my window right now cause it's just across the street, kitty-corner-wise.

Small plates. Big bucks. Not the kind of place I would ever dare to go to if there weren't at least a 67 percent chance of someone else picking up the check. In this case there was a 100 percent chance.Read more »