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YEAR IN MUSIC: Bay Area rock staked its claim while critical darlings turned bogus in 2010


The class of 2010

How will four new supervisors handle a budget crisis, a new mayor and rapidly changing city? We talk to the freshman about their priorities, goals, and ambitions


In about a month, the first class of district-elected supervisors since the 1970s will be gone, termed out, done with the transformative politics they brought to San Francisco. It's a milestone worth marking: in 2000, when the city returned to district elections, everything changed. Machine-driven politics, controlled by money and mayoral power, vanished almost overnight. Constituencies that were virtually shut out of the corridors of power — tenants, labor, environmentalists, economic progressives, public power activists, the list goes on — suddenly had a seat at the table. Read more »

The biggest fish

The America's Cup would transform San Francisco's waterfront -- but is it a good deal for the city?


Shortly after Larry Ellison, the billionaire CEO of Oracle Corp. and owner of the BMW Oracle Racing Team, won the 33rd America's Cup off the coast of Valencia, Spain, in February 2010, a reception was held in his honor in the rotunda at San Francisco City Hall.

The event drew members of Ellison's sailing crew, business and political heavyweights such as former Secretary of State George Schultz, and other VIPs. Attendees posed for photographs with the tall, glittering silver trophy at the base of the grand staircase.Read more »

Delta death

California has spent more than $10 billion on water projects that are contributing to the death of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento Delta -- a special report


By Patrick Porgans and Lloyd Carter

While Californians were held captive waiting for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to agree on spending cuts and adopt a budget, state officials were throwing hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain and compounding California's water crisis.Read more »

The next mayor

Can the left win, or will egos and infighting turn this into a huge missed opportunity?


By the time a beaming Mayor Gavin Newsom took the stage at Tres Agaves, the chic SoMa restaurant, on election night, enough results were in to leave no doubt: the top two places on the California ballot would go to the Democrats. Jerry Brown would defeat Meg Whitman in the most expensive gubernatorial race in American history — and Newsom, who once challenged Brown in the primary and dismissed the office of lieutenant governor, would be Brown's No. 2.Read more »


Spotlights, please! Our 22nd annual Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards celebrate the best and brightest in Bay Area arts and culture


GOLDIES 2010 Welcome to the 22nd annual Goldies issue. The Goldies stand for Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery awards, and rather than isolating one particular art form as a promotional endeavor, they aim to bring the Bay Area arts community together to celebrate actors, choreographers, filmmakers, musicians, and performance and visual artists who have added something special to the creative landscape.Read more »

Fall election '10 clip out guide


Click here for the San Francisco Bay Guardian's complete endorsements -- and happy voting. CLICK HERE for the printable PDF from our home page.



U.S. Senate

Barbara Boxer


Congress, 6th District

Lynn Woolsey


Congress, 7th District

George Miller


Congress, 8th District

Nancy Pelosi

 Read more »


Walker, Mandelman, and Kelly for supervisor. No, no, no on B. Yes, yes, yes on 19. Our complete endorsements for San Francisco, state, and national races


On every level — federal, state and local — the Nov. 2 election is critical. Californians will decide whether a billionaire with no political experience and a failed business executive with right-wing views should be the next governor and senator. They'll address a long list of major ballot measures. In San Francisco, voters will decide the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors, weigh in on ballot measures that could deeply affect the local budget, and decide whether this city wants to allow a harsh crackdown on the homeless.Read more »

The test of the Tenderloin

Can a low-income neighborhood become more livable — without gentrification?


This is a story about love and money. Or a story about love, money, and location. — Rebecca Solnit, Hollow City (Verso 2000)

It's a sunny day in the most maligned neighborhood in San Francisco. I'm walking down a busy sidewalk with an excited Randy Shaw, long-time housing advocate. He's giving me a tour of his Tenderloin.Read more »

Hot sluts!

THE SEX ISSUE: Our favorite sleazy, easy, and just plain sexy people, places, and things in San Francisco