House party

How to make a home into a venue


MUSIC It was decided — my BFF-roommate and I would host a rock 'n' roll show, and like many of our favorite activities (feasting, boozing, twirling), we became set on throwing said party from the comfort of our own home. Denying our fears of venue hunting, financial commitments, and general hassle, we focused on the power rewarded to the classic hostess with the mostest; the ability to control all elements of a dirty bash and adjust them to our liking.Read more »



The home base for SFJazz was decades in the making, but the popular nonprofit jazz organization finally got its own permanent home this year — and the SFJazz Center's sparkling new glass building is a marvel of modern sound. The $63 million, state-of-the-art facility includes balconies, perches, a fancy restaurant, and a smaller performing space for up-and-comers. Read more »



Jaunty East Bay rapper-producer IamSu! has released a barrage of clever mixtapes and collaborated with the likes of big-timers like 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Juvenile, E-40, and Roach Gigz — but his career can be traced back to Youth Radio, a nonprofit media center based in Oakland. Like so many others before and since, the talented 23-year-old MC got his start there at age 15 and learned all about the art of beat making. Fast-forward a decade and IAmSu! Read more »

Porn, punked?

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Want your band to get noticed? Launch a porn site.


SEX + MUSIC Girls put out for bands. Thrashing drums and driving bass have been known to leave a babe or two with autographed cleavage, missing panties, and a backstage pass. Sacramento band Get Shot!, the self-proclaimed "sleaziest punk band in the world," decided to reap more than the usual rewards from its crew of exhibitionist groupies, starting a porn site —, of course — that combines its members' greatest loves: naked girls and rock and roll.Read more »

Pre-park quickies

Spitballing with Outside Lands artists


MUSIC Unless you've been living under a gemstone, you know that Outside Lands is this weekend, Fri/9-Sun/11 in Golden Gate Park ( And Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, and Phoenix are headlining, but there are a great many smaller acts filling up those days as well.Read more »

Functional hyphy

East Bay rapper IamSu! will blow up when he damn well pleases


MUSIC Here, in the depths of the pot smoke-drenched green room of Slim's, the muffled chants of an insatiable gathering of Bay Area hip-hop fiends grows louder and more forceful by the second. The crowd is brazen in its vocal yearning for the show's main act of IamSu! and Compton rapper Problem.

This show, which took place at the end of last month, was a de facto homecoming spot on the Million Dollar Afro mixtape tour and the leader of the HBK (Heart Break Kids) Gang was keen to give his fans what they wanted, and then some.Read more »

Talkin' loud

BBC radio personality Gilles Peterson champions rare gems of acid jazz, dance music, and beyond


MUSIC "Tastemaker" is a word that gets thrown around enough to be meaningless. Anyone can share a track on Facebook or attempt social apotheosis via Twitter, most likely to find that Pitchfork reposts get drowned in the echo chamber and Do415 accounts are D.O.A. Not everyone can be Gilles Peterson, a DJ in every sense. Whether in a club, as a compiler of obscurities, or as a pirate radio turned BBC radio personality and interviewer, when Peterson plays a song, people actually listen.Read more »

Punk democracy

Mike Park's scrappy Asian Man Records keeps prices low, maintains integrity, helps bands help themselves


MUSIC When the going gets tougher in the music biz, scrappy little South Bay punk label Asian Man Records has kept on going, downsizing yet sticking to its guns. That means standing by bands that have a chance to jump ship to a bigger imprint — by wishing them well.Read more »

GOLDIES 2012: The Mallard

The band makes "inside-out-echo-laser-garage-psych-rock."


GOLDIES You always hear of those artists that simply must keep creating, regardless of location, monetary resources, health, or free time. It's the urge, the craving, something deep in the pit of their being. Idle hands and all that. I get the feeling this is just how it is for Greer McGettrick, the Mallard's lead vocalist-guitarist. There's a fire in her belly, and it burns from a sonic tinder.Read more »

Dream of the '90s

Antwon and Pictureplane flip inspiration from another decade


MUSIC By now, Antwon's mug has probably nestled somewhere in your brain. It's hard to take your eyes off him in the Brandon Tauszik-directed video for Antwon's song "Helicopter," slowly spitting rhymes over a screaming alarm of a beat, wandering Oakland, drinking on porches, pouring hot sauce on breakfast in between scenes from the classic film, Bullit (1968). Or as one media outlet breathlessly noted, "Malt liquor, Steve McQueen, and Sriracha!"Read more »