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Liberation, sexy sartorial style: My night at the underwear party


When we got there at 10:40 p.m., the underwear party was just getting started. The Knockout isn’t a big place, and it wouldn’t take long before it filled up with barely-dressed young people. We shed our pants at the door. My friend slipped her dress over her head while I peeled off my shirt. The feeling of freedom didn’t hit us right away, but by the time our wristbands had been secured and we made our way to the coat check we were looking at each other with elation.

“Do you feel it too? How amazing this is, not having to wear clothes?” Read more »

“A way to find your people”: the best of Bawdy Storytelling


Dixie De La Tour wants you to talk about sex, for the sake of San Francisco's reputation. “I am still baffled at how a city as cosmopolitan as SF could not realize that perverts tell the very best stories,” says the host of Bawdy Storytelling. That's why she started the pervy monthly event that gathers up our city's sex-positive to share their most tawdry tales of love and lust. Recent Bawdy themes have included cheap sex, public sex, cockblocking, and December's “Dick in a Box” night (holiday sex!) Usually held at the Mission's Blue Macaw, the five-year anniversary edition of Bawdy will occupy the stage of the Verdi Club on Sat/18.

We asked De La Tour to recount five of her favorites Bawdy stories in honor of the event's milestone, which she did happily, including this scene-setting by way of introduction: Read more »

How much hot gay tail are the rabid conservative gentlemen of America getting at CPAC?


Hooray, it's time for our favorite blog post of the year. Every year Wonkette goes to the huge Conservative Political Action Convention in DC, and trolls Craigslist for attendees looking for gay sex. Then Wonkette posts the ads. This installment features Dan Savage scanning the CPAC crowd with Grindr! Check it out here.

Behind-the-scenes pics from Courtney Trouble's Guardian cover shoot (NSFW)


When the Guardian team and photographer Molly DeCoudreaux converged on 18th and Castro Streets to shoot naked pics of Courtney Trouble and her posse, we knew we'd attract some attention. Read more »

Upset pornographers and the definition of scissoring: "Queer and Boning" controversy


Brouhaha! That would be the word I'd use to describe the reaction to today's cover story, "Queer and Boning in Las Vegas," about Courtney Trouble and her posse's adventures at the AVN Awards in Vegas. The crux of the matter revolves around my interview with lesbian pornographer Jincey Lumpkin, whose oeuvre falls into a more conventional mode of pornmaking than Trouble and the other queer pornsters profiled. Read more »

Downtown action: Sex shop Feelmore510 celebrates one year of community pleasure


The sex shop Feelmore510 is located on the corner of Oakland's Telegraph and 17th streets, across from an Obama campaign office, in between a pawn shop and the oldest African-American owned shoe store in town. The neighborhood is in transition, a place with old roots and a lot of new blooms – most businesses on this stretch of Telegraph opened within the last five years. Feelmore510 will celebrate its one-year anniversary Sun/12 when owner Nenna Joiner helps host Town Love, a new party at Hibiscus' Rock Steady. Read more »

Hot sexy events: February 1-7


(Insert “saddle friction” joke here.) At the risk of sounding like an episode of Portlandia, we are stoked for the Bike Smut Film Festival, which rides in for its second SF showing in two weeks – the first took place at Bayview's Cyclecide Swearhouse last weekend – on Fri/3. 

Bike smut: people having sex on bikes, sex with bikes, sex with bikes watching – surely there will be bike couplings in there somewhere (a handlebar penetrating a spoke, well greased). This incarnation of the fresh-from-touring-Europe show has an Oregon Trail theme. Yes, we know you loved that game in elementary school. You know who else did? Everyone. Read more »

The sex heard ‘round the world: [SSEX BBOX] documentary premieres


Scenes from [SSEX BBOX], the global sexuality documentary project whose long-awaited first episode will premiere at the Center of Sex and Culture on Mon/30:

One. A protest in Berlin, where a presentation is being made on the 16th century physical punishments that religious institutions imposed on sexually “immoral” people. 

Two. A conversation between two transgendered men living in Brazil. Read more »

Hot sexy events: January 18-24


Thankful. I am thankful for San Francisco sex. Just got back from the AVN awards in Vegas this weekend and couldn't get over the fake boobs (literally -- mountainous cleavage), rubber ducky-esque lips, and rote couplings that took over the Hard Rock Hotel for the better part of the week. Don't get me wrong, the weekend was all kinds of wonderful and there were buffets and penthouse hot tubs filled with Tina Horn, Princess Donna, and Akira Raine -- salacious tweeting and rumors of Robin Leach and deep red carpet conversations about being forced to wear condoms. But for me, SF. Read more »

Like the Oscars, only sluttier: the Guardian reports from the AVN Awards red carpet


All Guardian photos by Caitlin Donohue unless otherwise noted

“We gotta get 500 girls through here in two hours.” 

Pre porn star-strutting, the faces on the red carpet before the AVN Awards 2012 were grim. Vegas raged around us journalists, the Hard Rock Hotel – site of the awards ceremony, countless before-during-after-parties, and annual fan expo – awash in men trying to appear nonchalant and tired women in heels. We had many rivers to cross and many starlets to question before the awards ceremony would begin.Read more »