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Ask a Porn Star: Specifics, sex with strangers


In which super sexy porn people answer questions -- each week -- from Bay Area locals. View the last installment here.
Mediated by Justin Juul


Fielding your questions this month is local celebrity, Lorelei Lee. Lee specializes in fetish porn (water torture, whips-n-chains, electrocution, etc.) and has a blossoming side-career as a writer. Read more »

V-Day Horror Story winner: Table for three


Sheryl Gould's dating horror story may not be Valentine's Day specific, but it was so good we named her the winner of our Valentine's Day Horror Story contest anyway. Congrats to Gould, who will receive two passes for dinner and a show at Teatro Zinzanni. Read more »

Suck my manhole part 2: Porn god Buck Angel talks about other people’s reactions


Justin Juul takes on singular porn hottie Buck Angel in part two of this exclusive SEX SF interview. See part one here.Read more »

Altporn 101 with Cutter Smith


Juliette Tang continues her journey into the altporn world.

Recently, I chatted with Annaliese of the famous altporn site God's Girls about nudity, tattoos, and DIY photography. Read more »

Embedded: The boy next door


Melissa Gira Grant gets deep about the San Francisco sex scene every Thursday on SEX SF.

Interesting sex lives are all alike; but every boring San Francisco sex life is boring in its own way.

“Justin” moved to the Bay Area from Modesto – not seeking some sexual refuge, but heeding that other great siren call, a software engineering job in the Valley. He’s still in his early 20s, and cute in that slight and skinny way. Read more »

More V-Day events and ideas


By Molly Freedenberg

Vau de Vire heats up Cosmic Love Ball this weekend.

It seemed perfect. When you and your partner met last summer, you agreed you both hate to celebrate Valentine's Day. But as the holiday approaches, you're starting to sense that one of you might not be as satisfied with a Saturday night of TV dinners and missionary sex - you know, the same old same old -- as previously suggested. Read more »

Suck my manhole: Porn god Buck Angel talks FTM realness


Justin Juul takes on singular porn hottie Buck Angel in part one of this exclusive SEX SF interview.


Buck Angel is a dude who makes a living having sex with other dudes in movies with names like “Buckback Mountain,” “Pig Ass,” and “The Buck Stops Here.” He has huge muscles and tattoos, smokes expensive cigars, and lives in Mexico where people don’t give a shit about anything. Read more »

Cruising Craigslist: This week's best personals


Each week, Justin Juul combs the SF Craigslist Personals and Missed Connections for true gems that prove there's enough love for everyone. View his last installment here.


Remember back in grade-school when you would compete with your friends to see who could make the thickest, longest, or craziest shit? Read more »

Hot sex events this week: 2/11-2/18


Compiled by Breena Kerr -- with a little romance, for the occasion

Mistress Tatiana talks bondage on Mon/16

>> Romance For the Rest of Us with Marcia Baczynski
Ever wondered what to do when your partner asked you to “be more romantic?” According to relationship coach Marcia Baczynski, real romance is not what you think. Read more »

Booking a 36-minute blow job


By Johnny Ray Huston. Read more »