City College execs get away with it


What a deal. Former City College Chancellor Phil Day and one of his associates have agreed to a plea bargain in the City College corruption case. There will be no jail time for Day and Stephan Herman; they'll pay a fine ($30K for Day, $20K for Herman), make some sort of undetermined "restitution" and walk away with no felony convictions on their records. Cris Arguedas, Day's celeb attorney (who also represents Barry Bonds), did a hell of a job turning all the years of sleaze at City College into a relatively modest non-event. Ho hum. Pay a fine (which, with his string of well-compensated jobs, he can certainly afford -- he clearly paid Arguedas more than the fine will ever be), walk away. No big deal.

But as G.W. Schulz reported for us over the years, this wasn't just a little tiny mistake. There's been a pattern of underhanded operations out on Phelan Ave. for years -- and now the office of District Attorney George Gascon is allowing it all to disappear under the well-worn rug.


Here's what I wonder: Does anybody really believe that Day and Herman acted alone -- that nobody on the Community College Board knew what they were doing? Did the chancellor cook up this whole scheme to ship money to a bond campaign without any of the elected officials who were directly involved in that campaign realizing what was going on?

I realize that the majority of the folks on the college board today are trying to clean up the mess that Day left behind and move the institution forward, but I have always thought that there was more here than the formal legal charges indicated. And now we'll never know.






You just don't want to tell us...?? This is where that tax money you're incessantly crowing for goes - flushed by people like Day who walk away with giant pensions NO ONE in the private sector paying for it gets. Oh please, tax me more....!!

Posted by Guest on Sep. 30, 2011 @ 1:38 pm

That's an argument to cut the bloated pensions and pay of top government executives, not an argument to cut taxes, nor to cut pensions in general...

Posted by Eric Brooks on Sep. 30, 2011 @ 3:35 pm

While our event today doesn't speak directly to this issue, per se, hearing how mayoral candidates respond about our four-legged companions can help us as voters understand how a new mayor will operate if elected. Check it out.

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Posted by DogPAC of SF on Oct. 01, 2011 @ 9:04 am