SF Labor Council makes surprising dual endorsements


The San Francisco Labor Council made a pair of dual endorsements last night that reflect the wide ideological range of local unions -- stretching from the progressive SEIU Local 1021 that represents city workers to the more conservative members of the trade unions -- as well as the power of behind-the-scenes politicking.

For mayor, the council made a dual endorsement of Leland Yee -- who secured an early endorsement from the trade unions and has significant progressive support as well -- and Dennis Herrera, whose supporters deftly worked to secure the long-shot endorsement for his ascendant campaign.

Similarly, the council gave a dual endorsement in the sheriff race to Ross Mirkarimi, the progressive candidate who has a long list of labor union endorsements, and Chris Cunnie, whose base of support is the police unions and other more conservative groups and individuals. There was no endorsement in the DA’s race.

So how did Herrera and Cunnie manage to land such influential support despite having secured only a few endorsements from individual labor unions? Several of those in attendance wondered the same thing, but several sources say both dual endorsements were engineered by Labor Council President Mike Casey, who heads UNITE-HERE Local 2, whose hotel worker members have been locked in a bitter labor dispute with the big hotel corporations. Casey did not immediately return a call for comment, but I’ll update this post if and when I hear back.   


Where is John Avalos, the peoples champion?

Posted by Guest on Sep. 13, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

I spoke with Tim Paulson at Tom Ammiano's event tonight. He confirmed that the SF Labor Council is still solidly behind the Lennar/BVHP Urban Renewal and the Park Merced Boondoggle.
In part due to the 'incestuous' nature of relationships between San Fransicans of a certain vintage, I consider Tim to be more than a casual acquaintance, even a friend, except when it comes to labor issues. He remarked to my wife as we were leaving Tom's event this evening "Pat, didn't give me any shit tonight". I didn't, I just confirmed the above allegiances.
I guess if I wanted to be really magnanimous and forgiving, which I don't, I could say that these SFLC endorsed 'projects' would provide jobs. The same claims are made for the KeystoneXL Pipeline. But at what cost and for who's benefit. The Alberta Tar Sands and assosciated activities are on an environmental destruction order of magnitude that is unprecedented; but they will create some temporary jobs.
Locally we already know the truth behind Lennar's lies about 'local hiring". Of the few 'locals' hired the majority were neighborhood youth who were sent into highly toxic and contaminated areas in street clothes with a paper mask, kinda like the first responders on whatever day, week or month it was, or given a flag to wave. Not sure if the flag wavers who were standing all day inhaling the toxic dust and exhaust from the convoy of trucks were give paper masks or just used their doo-rags. But you can bet that than when these kids start coming down with respiratory or more serious complications in 5 or10 years, they ain't gonna get squat without a fierce struggle, and many will die suffering before getting adequate care.
Another recent but unreported example is the case of the rebuilding of the Bayview Library. The contract was initially awarded to a neighborhood black owned contractor with a long history of local hiring and training. Within a few weeks the contract was withdrawn on a minor technicality and given to a white contractor, not from the city, with no neighborhood history, no record or history of committment to local or minority hiring. I've tried to find more details about this outfit any 'local' involvement but a PO.Box is the most that I've found. I don't recall a single elected official; so called 'progressive' spokesperson; appointed or self-appointed community 'leader', doing or saying shit about this.
I'm not a 'christian'; but I believe the dude laid down some good shit, especially when Lord Buckley tells it.
Feed the hungry
Shelter the homeless
Care for the needy
Love your neighbor
Share your blessings
Comfort the sick and dying
Sounds kinda familiar, think I read something like it on Islamic site recently.
Despite John Avalos' and others best intentions, ending decades of racial discrimination; unequal distribution of resources; local hiring etc, will remain a sad joke and pipe dream until the collusion between; Corporate money; Pac Heights Familia; Democratic Party Dilletantes; Co-opted opportunistic politicians: myopic and self-aggrandising labor and 'community' leaders is smashed.
To tired to type long address without typos. Check NationalNursesUnited; my FaceBook page or whatever.

Posted by Pat Monk.RN. on Sep. 13, 2011 @ 10:12 pm

Nothing is "engineered" at the labor council this cycle, Steven. Mike Casey and I don't vote. He's the chair of our multi union council and I faciliate our democratic process. Any attempt to read anything else into our deliberations over endorsements, or lack thereof, is incorrect, speculative, and unresearched. Sorry you made those assumptions. Monday night was pretty wild. Call me. Tim Paulson

Posted by Guest on Sep. 13, 2011 @ 11:44 pm

As you know (but others may not, given the impression your comment left), Tim, I did call you before writing this post. Sorry that I was out covering the Board of Supervisors meeting when you called back several hours later. I also got a call back from Mike Casey that afternoon and I look forward to writing a follow-up focused on this meeting and Labor Council's role in this election once we're finally able to connect.

Posted by steven on Sep. 14, 2011 @ 11:37 am

Viva Mike Casey! (Oh, and don't you know the words "Casey" and "engineer" go together?)

Posted by Dirk Hofbrau on Sep. 27, 2011 @ 10:18 am