New media sources win Pulitzers


American journalism’s biggest awards, the Pulitzer Prizes, were awarded today and among the honorees was a nonprofit newsroom, Pro Publica, which was recognized for groundbreaking work that it did on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Pro Publica reporter Sheri Fink was honored for “The Deadly Choices at Memorial,” which chronicled ethically questionable decisions made by medical staff about what to do with critically ill patients awaiting a delayed evacuation. The nonprofit operation partners with other newsrooms, and Fink’s story also ran in New York Times Magazine.

Although he was not part of the Pulitzer Prize, former Guardian writer A.C. Thompson has been part of the Pro Publica team covering the aftermath of Katrina, doing amazing work on troubling actions (and inaction) by the New Orleans Police Department in the wake of Katrina, partnering with The Nation, Frontline, and The Times-Picayune on his stories.

Closer to home, SFGate cartoonist Mark Fiore won the Pulitzer for editorial cartooning, the first time that prize went to an online-only cartoonist.    


Could not even congratulate him....................

Posted by Sad Observation on Apr. 12, 2010 @ 8:10 pm

Congrats to Pro Publica. I recently started following them in relation to the New Orleans Police brutality and murders, and found their interactive reporting with public input, as well as working with other organizations and demanding accuracy to be quite refreshing.

As a tourist who was trapped in the Superdome, the media's mis-reporting right after Katrina was almost criminal. My memoir, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina" outlines some of this.

Paul Harris

Posted by Guest on Apr. 13, 2010 @ 12:29 am