Catholic Church equates bad press with the Holocaust


On the anniversary of the day when Jesus Christ was supposedly crucified, the Catholic Church has ratcheted up its counterattack on the journalists and victims’ advocates who have the gall to be concerned about the church covering up an epidemic of pedophilia by priests, taking its feelings of persecution to a ridiculous extreme.

The New York Times reports that during the Good Friday services at the Vatican, with Pope Benedict sitting in attendance, Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa equated negative news articles about the still-unfolding pedophilia scandal with the history of persecution suffered by the Jews, saying, “They know from experience what it means to be victims of collective violence and also because of this they are quick to recognize the recurring symptoms.”

Are you fucking kidding me?!?! Did he really equate valid criticism of a very real church scandal to the Holocaust, in which more than 6 million Jews were killed by a Nazi regime that was playing footsies with the Catholic Church at the time? Shameless, utterly shameless.


The persona is the 'mask' which the person presents the world, while the shadow holds the parts of the self which the person feels ashamed and guilty about.

"Augustine epitomized a general feeling among the Church Fathers that the act of intercourse was fundamentally disgusting. Arnobius called it filthy and degrading, Methodious unseemly, Jerome unclean, Tertullian shameful, Ambrose a defilement. In fact there was an unstated consensus that God ought to have invented a better way of dealing with problem of procreation.

Augustine argued that man and woman were created by God as creatures of the mind above all else and that we should be wholly in control of our bodies. Therefore there should never be any unregulated sexual excitement or any need to resist desire. It was Adam and Eve who committed the Original Sin and plunged us all into a life of shame."

There was bound to be a problem.

Posted by Planet Earth on Apr. 02, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

I can't ever remember believing in a god, I think religion is a menace to society, true believer world views like religion, communism, fascism etc... have done more harm to the population of the world than all the natural disasters run together.

After saying all of that, why do you people care enough to have all of these blogs about the catholics? Whats the motivation here? The Catholics are no more or less ridiculous than any other group of people who get together for some reason or another.

I would be much more interested in the Guardians view of what seems to be Chris Daly being an apologist for the Black Panther UFO cult. Granted a lack of something isn't something, but the Guardian not commenting (to my knowledge) on Daly's demanding that guy apologize to the black panthers for going and recording a meeting open to the public is interesting. Usually when that idiot Daly has a tantrum you all are right there sticking up for him.

Posted by glen matlock on Apr. 02, 2010 @ 1:53 pm

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