Benefit screening of 'The Master' (in 70mm!) tomorrow at the Castro!


This is not a drill, film fans: Paul Thomas Anderson's highly anticipated new film, The Master, will be screening at the Castro tomorrow night. In 70mm. Not gonna lie: as soon as word of similar "surprise" screenings in other cities (Chicago, Los Angeles), I was crossing my fingers and toes that we'd get one here. Especially since not everyone can make it to the various film festivals where it's been programmed (Venice, Toronto) ... and The Master's theatrical release isn't until Sept. 21 in the Bay Area.

Get thee to TicketWeb now and spend $10 (plus the expected fees and whatnot) to benefit the Film Foundation. The Castro is a huge theater, but film nerds are gonna be all over this one. Like me, for instance. There will be popcorn!

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