Van Duzen Beach


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Want to trade summer fog on the Humboldt County coastline for warm weather and skinny-dipping at one of the 10 clothing optional swimming holes that await you just a few miles inland? Most of these sites are known just to local residents and our readers. Don't forget to bring plenty of suntan lotion. When it's in the 60's or 70's near the sea, expect it to be in the 80's near the town of Blue Lake, to the east, and up to 100 degrees in Willow Creek, farther inland. Coming from the coast, the first place to enjoy nude swimming and sunbathing is this site overlooking the Van Duzen River. On a weekday, you may be the only person here.


How to find it:

Take Highway 101 north to Highway 36. From Bridgeville, drive downstream to Goat Rock, then look for the nude beach on a ribbon of sand along the river.

The beach:

Bring water shoes, old sneakers, or flip-flops to wear in the river so you won't get "rock burn" from the pebbles in the water.

The crowd:

A huge gathering would be 15 people. Most likely, there will be only a few people present.


After rainy winters (this one wasn't), beware of rushing, sometimes hazardous water; rocks in the river; needs better directions.

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