Upper Cache Creek


Rating: C

The cool thing about Upper Cache is that because it is further from the bridge it has more of a "private feel" than nearby Lower Cache Creek Beach, which is downstream and described above. To find it, walk for a few minutes up the creek from Lower Cache until you come upon some clothing-optional sunbathers.

Private property posted with "Do Not Trespass" signs.

How to find it:

Follow directions to Lower Cache Creek (see above), but walk a short distance upstream to the clothing-optional area. The beach usually draws fewer visitors than Lower Cache.

The beach:

One drawback is that Upper Cache often has a little less sand than Lower Cache.

The crowd:

Nude use dries up on weekends. Expect a few skinny-dippers here on weekdays. If you come during the week, it's likely you'll be the only person present.


Not much weekend nude use; less sand than at Lower Cache; Do Not Trespass signs; visits by police.

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