Starlight Meadow


Rating: B

Rimmed by an estimated 200 acres of woods, a large field near the town of Dogwood has become the first clothing-optional meadow in the U.S. From Hagmier Pond (see next entry), expect about a 20-minute walk to the 60-acre site, which is good for picnicking, sunbathing, reading, and relaxing.

GGNRA land managed by Point Reyes National Seashore.

How to find it:

From Stinson Beach, go north on Highway 1, passing Audubon Canyon Ranch on the right and, a half mile later, the Bolinas turnoff. After the four-way intersection, look for a GGNRA sign on the right, followed by a eucalyptus grove. Then check for a tree with a sign for Dogtown. Farther along Highway 1, you'll pass a red barn, a silver windmill, and a second eucalyptus grove. After the grove, when you get to the 12th bend in the road (be sure to count them), look for a group of some 20 eucalyptus trees. Park next to the rocks on either side of the highway. Enter through the lift-up gate in the fence on the east side of the highway, then take an easy, gradually climbing path about 15 or 20 minutes to Starlight, a large meadow in the middle of the trees.

The beach:

Not exactly a beach per se, but a meadow ringed by a large expanse of woods.

The Crowd:

Mostly gay males, but some heterosexual couples also use the meadow. An estimated 50 people on the hottest summer weekends and as many as 10 on weekdays.


Pullover easy to miss; lack of water; some gawkers; sexual activity; trail may be muddy.

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