Spy Rock


Rating: C

You'll need to be a good spy to find Spy Rock Beach, so look below for some clues to discovering this breathtaking bend in the Eel River that canuders like to visit. If you strip down on the way here, don't forget to keep on a pair of reading glasses. Use them to follow a map to this hidden treasure.

Part of Round Valley Reservation.

How to find it:

The beach is just south of Blue Rock Creek and Bell Springs Station. If you can find Leggett, you're on the right track because the swimming hole is just east of the town. Follow the directions to Dos Rios. This hole is virtually opposite scenic Spy Rock. Access is by canoe or other boat.

The beach:

Similar to Dos Rios.

The crowd:

Probably just you. Not too many people come here, perhaps because of the canoeing distance from Dos Rios.


Same as Dos Rios.

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