South Whale Beach


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Want to be nude and away from the passing parade of people who visit other beaches? It's hard to find a more hidden locale than this little-known nude enclave. Continue on the trail from North Whale Beach until you come to a surprise: the end of the path. The quick and easy walk dead-ends at the top of South Whale Beach, which can be reached by stepping down some small rocks from there onto the sand.

Part of Toiyabe National Forest.

How to find it:

From North Whale Beach, follow the only trail from there south, as it loops around a series of rocks that are as much as 10 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter. Stay on the path until it ends. You'll now be at a point that is just above the beach. If you walk down a few small rocks, you should arrive at the sand in a minute or two. Total estimated walking time from North Whale is about 10 minutes.

The beach:

"It's a little peninsula," says Williams. "The sand is in good shape," tells Swanson.

The crowd:

The area receives a combination of clothing optional and suited visitors. On the hottest weekends, it often draws two or three groups of users. Williams saw two nude couples on a summer weekday.


Lake a little lower than usual this season; long walk from parking area.

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