Sculptured Beach


Rating: B


Sculptured Beach is just as it sounds: a beautiful swath of land that Mother Nature has created and refined for countless centuries. As long as you don't go nude near the public entrances to beaches and don't do anything that will draw complaints, almost anything goes at Sculptured -- and the rest of the Point Reyes National Seashore. The site has outstanding sand. And the beach is so big that, away from the parking lots and paths, there's lots of space where visitors can disrobe without bothering nonnudists. To avoid fog and wind, consult forecasts before heading out. Expect a moderately long walk to good sites. Activity tip: Once there, look around and, after you've taken a few minutes to relax, go exploring. There's plenty to check out, including tide pools, rock formations, a blowhole, whales, dolphins, and some of California's most lovely sunsets.


Property of Point Reyes National Seashore. See ranger comments in next entry.

How to find it:

From San Francisco, take Highway 101 north to the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard exit. Then follow Sir Francis Drake through San Anselmo and Lagunitas. At the intersection with Highway 1, go north. Pick up a map at the ranger office in Olema off Highway 1, then take Limantour Road to Limantour Beach and hike three miles south, passing Coast Camp, to Sculptured Beach. Or hike seven miles from the ranger office, or battle the tides by walking along the coast from Limantour.

The beach:

Laced with stunning tide pools and backed by breathtaking cliffs, Sculptured Beach is rugged and narrow.

The Crowd:

It'll probably feel like just you and a few other people.



Fog; wind; cold water; long hike.

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