Nude Beaches

San Mateo County

Devil's Slide

Rating: A

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Montara State Beach

Rating: C

You'll risk getting a citation if you strip down all the way at Montara. Just a handful of visitors still sunbathe topless or nude at long, narrow ribbon of sand at the extreme north end of the beach. The site, which is just south of Devil's Slide and adjacent People's Beach, originally drew nudists when a landslide blocked the road to Devil's Slide years ago. If you see rangers approaching from the south end of the beach, suit up quickly.

State beach, where rangers do not tolerate nudity.Read more »

San Gregorio

Rating: A

Now in its 41st year, clothing optional, privately run San Gregorio is America's oldest nude beach. It was formally started in 1967, right next door to San Gregorio State Beach, where nudity is not allowed.Read more »

Pamponio State Beach

Rating: C

If you've ever visited Pomponio State Beach, you'll understand why naturists treasure its pristine shores and solitude-inducing cove that's sheltered from the wind. It's also a great spot for tanning tune-ups. And once you arrive, you may be one of the only nudists here. But getting there almost ruins the experience. The path to the sand is long and, in places, almost worn away. And the waves are so rough they've been known to sweep some visitors out to sea. Read more »