The Rocks


Rating: C

Used for a variety of activities, including diving, sunbathing, swimming, reading, and just kicking back, The Rocks is a little sun-washed site just downstream from Sunset Beach. If you jump off the rocks here, please use caution.

Public access land of private property. See Lower Wohler Bridge for enforcement policy.

How to find it:

Follow the trail from Sunset (see above) downstream about a quarter mile.

The beach:

A 200-foot-long sandy riverbank that has high rocks on one side, plus a deep swimming hole. Some visitors dive or jump off the rocks.

The crowd:

"It's used by a mix of men, women, and couples," says Tom, a frequent visitor. "No citations have ever been issued at this beach to my knowledge." Best time to visit is late on weekdays. The rest of the time, says Tom, "it's pretty busy with clothed vacation users."


Area subject to visits by deputies; nude use usually limited to weekdays; needs better directions.

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