Nude Beaches

Lake County

Lower Cache Creek

Rating: C

Lake County's swimming holes mostly cater to suited swimmers, but four of them occasionally attract small numbers of skinny-dippers. Police sometimes patrol them too. What's the good news? All four sites are along Highway 20, between Clear Lake and Williams, so they can be experienced in a single afternoon.

Thought to be California Department of Fish and Game, Federal Bureau of Land Management, or reservation land.Read more »

Upper Cache Creek

Rating: C

The cool thing about Upper Cache is that because it is further from the bridge it has more of a "private feel" than nearby Lower Cache Creek Beach, which is downstream and described above. To find it, walk for a few minutes up the creek from Lower Cache until you come upon some clothing-optional sunbathers.

Private property posted with "Do Not Trespass" signs.Read more »

Lower Long Valley

Rating: C

Summers can be quite warm in Lake County, so it's sun-sational that there are two more sans-suit swimming sites to savor that are located just past the last two entries. And if you get lucky, you may have them all to yourself or encounter just a few visitors. Please let us know what happens!

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Upper Long Valley

Rating: C

Upper Long Valley is a small swimming hole that gets scattered nude or seminude use on weekdays.


How to find it:

See the description for its downstream cousin, Lower Long Valley (above). To find this clothing-optional beach, walk a few sandy banks upstream from Lower Long Valley.

The beach:

A sun-washed shoal next to a cool, invigorating creek that's visited by a few local residents and travelers.Read more »