Hole in the Wall Beach


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Shut off from access during high tide, Hole In The Wall Beach is a great place to relax on a hot summer day, especially if you'd like to get away from crowds, noise, and the usual litter you find on a public beach. Once or twice a year, the site might draw 50 visitors, but you'll more likely find a few dozen persons spread out on its 200-yard long shoreline. The beach can only be reached through its namesake hole in a wall of rocks at the south end of Panther Beach. Even in low tide, access can be dangerous: the water in the passageway between the two beaches looks deceptively calm. Over the years, at least five drownings have been reported. In 2002, a wave swept two men through the tunnel-like hole and into the sea; one never returned.



Privately owned, with public access under state law.


How to find it:

From Panther, walk south and through the hole.


The beach:

About 25-to-50 yards wide and backed by tall cliffs ending in a rocky shelf. Farther south, low rock shelves continue for several hundred yards.


The crowd:

Like Panther, Hole in the Wall attracts only a handful of users. On the hottest days, though, expect up to three- or four-dozen people.



Fog; cold water; wind; rough waves; rutted parking lot; eroded trail; auto vandalism; litter.

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