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Just upstream from the Bucket are two more swimming holes: Bucket Bend and the Rope Swing. Bucket Bend, the most private and deepest of these pools, is a small, sandy beach some 50 feet from the Bucket. The Rope Swing (named after a rope swing that no longer exists) is a large, shallow, clothing-optional swim spot.

Believed to be private property.

How to find it:

For Bucket Bend, go to the Bucket (see above) and look for a second fork in the trail. Turn right. You'll know you're headed the right way if the path leads you upstream and around a sharp bend to a little, sandy beach. To reach Rope Swing, go to the Bucket, but at the first fork in the path, instead of going right, turn left. That will take you to the Rope Swing area.

The beach:

Bucket Bend is a small, sandy beach and swimming hole around 50 feet from the Bucket. Rope Swing is a large, shallow pool of water.

The crowd:

You will probably have these spots all to yourself.


Visibility from road; poison oak on trail; finding path on beach side of creek may be difficult; rockier than the Bucket; water at Rope Swing too shallow for swimming.

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