Nude Beaches

Contra Costa Country

Hidden Pond

Rating: C

Several times a year, around a dozen members of the Bay Area Naturists (BAN) meet on the slopes of Mount Diablo and hike about three miles to a delightful little lake -- big enough in non-drought years to hold some 30 people, according to BAN leader Rich Pasco. Nudists have been quietly visiting the lake for about four years, and now you can join them too. It's takes over an hour to walk there from the nearest road, but visitors say the journey is usually worth it.Read more »

Las Trampas

Rating: C

Bordered by such communities as Danville, Alamo, Castro Valley, and San Ramon, the East Bay Regional Park District's (EBRPD) Las Trampas Regional Wilderness sprawls over 3,798 acres. EBRPD has a strict anti-nudity regulation in place, so it's one of the last places you'd expect to see nudists. The truth: is unless you're a night owl, you won't "see" them. But that doesn't mean they're not there.Read more »