Boaters Beach


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If you don't like the crowd at Boater's Beach, wait 15 minutes and it will probably change. One moment, it's serves as Lake Tahoe's version of a parking lot for boats (common practice is to haul them up on the sand here), but just wait for the boats to depart and then nudists may start streaming onto the sand.

"Even if there are families there, you'll often see nudists walking on the trails above them," says Williams. When the lake is choppy, the boaters often depart, leaving the site free for skinny-dippers to suddenly appear. "There will instantly be a half dozen naked people," says Swanson.

Part of Toiyabe National Forest.

How to find it:

Follow directions to Secret Cove. Stay on the fire road until you arrive at a fork with a sign that says "Private Residence (left) and Beaches (right)." Go right for 50 yards to a trail on the right (marked with a Forest Service Trail sign), which will take you to Boater's. Or, from Secret Cove, take the trail around and over the middle of the cove, through the woods, and over a few boulders (you may have to do a little rock hopping) until you arrive at Boater's. Boater's is about 200 feet from Secret Harbor Creek Beach.

The beach:

Even when nearby coves become inundated with high water (not a problem this season), in most years Boater's tends to stay quite sandy.

The crowd:

Usually suited sunbathers and families come here. On particularly warm weekends, if non-nudes are gone, up to 50 naturists may use the site. "When the weather is right, 95 percent of the people at the beach are clothed," says Swanson.


Lake lower than usual this season; non-nudists often present; tight parking (see Hidden Beach).

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