Blanket Beach


San Francisco has America's longest running musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon, but the Russian River has the real Blanket Beach. "It's only big enough for a single blanket," says a regular visitor. Even so, there are usually a few visitors at this sandy riverbank. During the summer, it gets frequent nude use by sunbathers and swimmers. Best time to check it out: weekdays. On weekends, it's mostly a clothed beach used by spillovers from Sunset Beach -- usually a family or two who wander down the trail from Sunset and discover it.

Public access land of private property. For enforcement policy, see Lower Wohler Bridge.

How to find it:

Blanket Beach is so small that it's easy to miss. But if you look carefully, you should be able to find this great little spot. From Sunset Beach (see above), walk downstream about an eighth of a mile (toward the ocean, or if you are facing the river, to the right) to a small beach. If you arrive at The Rocks (see next entry), a quarter mile from Sunset, then you have passed Blanket Beach.

The beach:

A sandy riverbank that's so small it can hold a single, average-size blanket.

The crowd:

Expect a handful of nude visitors on warm summer weekdays. On weekends, a clothed family or two -- but no nudists -- will usually be present.


Area subject to visits by deputies upon complaint; only holds a few people; needs better directions; nude use usually restricted to weekdays.

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