Baker's Beach


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To find one of Humboldt County's skinny-dipping treasures, check out this delightful little cove that's 12 miles north of Arcata, off Highway 101. Named after the Baker family, who are believed to own the property, the nude beach has tide pools, agates, and a quarter moon-shaped shore that's protected from view by surrounding foliage. "It's really quiet there," says Vince, an Arcata resident. "It's never crowded. And the trail is easy."

Apparently owned by the Baker family. Nude use is tolerated.

How to find it:

From Arcata, drive 12 miles north on Highway 101. Take the Westhaven exit to Scenic Drive, then follow Scenic north to a large, vine-covered residence sign and a rusted Private Property marker on the right (look for pulled-over cars). The quarter-mile-long beach path begins 20 yards beyond two mailboxes near the signs.

The beach:

Instead of sand, the area features sesame seed-size pebbles.

The crowd:

Even on busy days, there are usually no more than 40 people present, according to Carl Gelden-Meyers, a local resident. "They are mostly mellow college students," says Gelden-Meyers. Some families also visit the site, which gets both nude and suited use.


Car burglaries and gawkers reported in the past.

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