PRIDE TOP 5: Bobby Viteritti's sleaze songs


DJ Bobby Viteritti, the resident DJ at San Francisco's legendary Trocadero Transfer from 1977 - 1981, appears on the new Horse Meat Disco CD, Horse Meat Disco III -- he curates a disc of favorite "sleaze songs." And you KNOW he's got the dance floor goods, henny. After the jump, he sleazes us up and reminds us how hot Pride used to get (and will this weekend again).

Bobby Viteritti's Top 5 sleaze songs 

1. "Runaway Love" by Linda Clifford (Curtom), 1978 

2. "Walk the Night" by Skatt Brothers (Casablanca), 1979 

3. "Evolution" by Giorgio Moroder (Casablanca), 1978 

4. "Hot Butterfly" by Bionic Boogie (Polydor), 1978 

5. "Anambra" by Ozo (DJM), 1976 


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