What The Fuck Chuck

WTF, Chuck: Those poor exploited landlords


In my continuing attempt to make sense of the politics of the Chron's C.W. Nevius, I present: What The Fuck, Chuck -- the saga of the poor landlord.

I'll try to be fair: There's nothing inherently wrong with this story. I don't like rich people taking advantage of anything, particularly rent control. It's true that there are a few people who are cheating, good for Chuck to expose them (tho he didn't exactly name names). You can't make better copy than a family that moves to Hawaii (!) and keeps a rent-controlled house in the Richmond. (Of course, maybe the parents needed to be there for a couple of years for work, and were hoping to return to their family home and the landlord wouldn't allow sublets, but whatever. Sounds horrible.)

And I'm not excusing it for a minute.

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WTF, Chuck?


And now for a new installment in the ongoing saga of What the Fuck, Chuck?, our attempt to figure out the unfathomable positions of the Chron's local columnist, C.W. Nevius. Today's episode: Why is Nevius so determined to stir up a clash between the police and the OccupySF protesters?Read more »