Wall down, joints up

A journey through Berlin's burgeoning weed scene

The tallest structure in Germany is a sky needle with a majestic ball sitting well up its length. Due to some vagaries of the physics of light and the shiny, Epcot-like nature of this ball, Berlin's Fernsehturm (a.k.a., television tower) casts the shadow of a cross over the city, much to the consternation of its East German builders.Read more »

Legal, not legal

CANNABIS ISSUE: Reality TV, federal crackdowns, celebrity stoners: an early guide to cannabis culture in 2012



HERBWISE It's been a weird year to start a marijuana column. Shortly after we started Herbwise, which was intended to be our weekly look at marijuana culture and events, politics reared its ugly head, rendering it necessary to go to hearings at the State Building, call up California Assembly members, and occasionally wade through seas of legalese. Such is the state of cannabis under ongoing federal prohibition, but it's been a particularly dramatic year.Read more »