Hakka in the home: An autumn side dish from one of our fave cookbooks


I've read few cookbooks as interesting as The Hakka Cookbook, Sunset Magazine recipe editor and food writer Linda Anusasananan's exploration of her Hakka Chinese roots through the cuisine that the culture's global diaspora has developed. Check out my interview with her in this week's food and drink issue Feast for more on Hakka bites, and the journey that led her to write what may be the first cookbook that shares them with the rest of the world. Better yet, do that and then make the recipe below, an easily-prepared vegetarian dish that works as a fab autumn side dish. Spinach is in-season through the end of November here in the Bay Area. Read more »

Going veg at the wing shop: Wing Wings' deep-fried oyster mushrooms


Owner Christian Ciscle's been trying to get me to come into his Lower Haight wings shop for a minute. I was always like “Christian (full disclosure: Ciscle took me on board as counterperson back in the days when he managed SoMa's Little Skillet to-go window), they're wings. I don't eat meat."

But then I went, and now I have to apologize because: Wing Wings' deep-fried oyster mushrooms. Read more »