Hospital union targets UC executive pensions [VIDEO]


An update to this story has been posted below.

An ongoing labor rift is intensifying between frontline University of California hospital employees and the UC medical center system. UC administrators have minimized employees’ stated concerns about eroding patient care due to staffing rollbacks, saying the real issue at the heart of the dispute is AFSCME’s “refusal to agree to UC's pension reforms.”Read more »

Jerrry Brown and UC


So the guv is going to start showing up at UC and CSU board meetings, where he will be able to sit next to his pal Gavin Newsom. And he's going to tell the administrators that they have to start getting serious about cost-cutting -- as if they haven't whacked billions out of their budgets in the past few years.Read more »

Lt. Gov. Press Release


We used to call Gavin Newsom Mayor Press Release because he was always ready to go before the cameras and announce some bold plan that never amounted to anything. And now he's at it again.

Newsom -- to his credit, I must admit -- was the only member of the Board of Regents who didn't flee when the protesters arrived. Instead, he sat down with some of them and announced that "you have my support."

In fact, he's happy to denounce the cuts to higher education:Read more »