New life

Remembering SF psychedelic house pioneer Scott Hardkiss. Plus: Charlie Horse, Tensnake, V.I.V.E.K., Francois K., and more nightlife


SUPER EGO This one's for Scott Hardkiss — the actually legendary local-bred DJ and producer who in the early 1990s, along with his Hardkiss brothers in music Gavin and Robbie, helped put the psychedelic-ecstatic sounds of San Francisco house on the underground map. He passed away last week at 43 from what is presently believed to be an aneurysm, leaving behind his wife Stephanie, his two-year-old daughter — and legions of fans who revel in his sonic legacy. Read more »

Uncanny Xsnake

Germany's Tensnake reps the new European wave of history-shuffling, ambitiously funky dance music. Plus: It's Ambrosia Salad's doble quinceañera!



>>Alas! We've just heard word that Tensnake has had to cancel his appearance here due to visa and family issues. Hopefully he'll make it here soon!

SUPER EGO I adore history, it's all so pointless. It's fun to play around with, too — stick your mitts in the used fork drawer of the past and clatter about a bit, just to make new noise. Artists do this all the time, grab stuff from different eras and pastiche them together to create unique and dreamlike emotional states. Bygones!Read more »