14 excellent establishments for Olympic watching


The Olympics might have originated as an an ancient Roman display of physical beauty and premier strength, but this is 2012, the point now is the eating, drinking, voyeurism, and generally being inactive that the Games give you an opportunity to enjoy. With the big show taking place in pub-happy London this year, you can pass off your bar tab as the price one pays for cultural authenticity. After all, it might take a pint at the Phoenix to fully appreciate rower Henrik Rummel's well-endowed disaster. So cheers to the fact that while records are broken and teenagers' dreams are being dashed in Olympic Park, we can chill with our buddies and crack up at professional divers' faces. Party like an Olympian -- need a drinking game to pass the time? -- with this list of fine establishments that showing the games if you ask nicely, satisfying both your appetite and burning need to watch ridiculously fit people sweat in spandex. Read more »

6 Easter treats for adults


Trust us, this holiday can be fun -- and not just in the annual Hunky Jesus contest sense (although that's pretty adult-entertaining as well). Here are some suggestions for grown-up hoppin' around as April 8 approaches. 

>>Boozy Easter chocolates 

Why eat a hollow rabbit when you could nosh on white chocolate ganache infused with fresh lime and anejo tequila? Why chew on a tasteless Peep when you could have brown sugar-caramel laced with Kentucky bourbon? Why would you ever eat a plain chocolate egg when you could have Moet and Chandon Champagne blended with dark chocolate into a creamy, velvety dream? This conversation is over, check out Christopher Elbow's local chocolate offerings for your snuggle-bunny (before last call.)   Read more »

7 spots for wine and wi-fi


Are those cubicle walls closing in? For those of us who prefer to pair our work with a side of wine, here are some places to consider retreating to when the office begins to feel stale.

The Grove

Curl up in a comfy chair or communal wooden bench with a glass of red wine at one of this quaint café’s three locations, and you won’t want to leave. 

Mon.-Thu. 7 a.m.-11 p.m.; Fri. 7 a.m.-11:30 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m.-11:30 p.m.; Sun. 8 a.m.-11 p.m. 2016 Fillmore, SF. (415) 474-1419 Read more »

5 bathrooms we'd consider renting


In a city with so many artistically adept individuals, perhaps it’s only natural for great design to extend to the toilet. Here’s a list of five bathrooms around town you’ll want to squat in for a while.


Viracocha’s bathroom pretty much has everything you need for long-term survival -- a Victorian shower, the most comfortable chair of your life, interesting art, beautiful flowers, and there’s a kitchen right outside the door. Yeah, this place is definitely nicer than our apartment. 

998 Valencia, SF. Read more »

15 lipsmacking cocktails for $5 and under


Screw on your drinking hats, cheapos -- we tracked down 15 watering holes that'll leave you toasted, in a financially stable kind of way. 

1. Tempest Bar’s $5 boilermaker

A shot of Jim Beam in a pint of PBR. Is this a terrible idea? Yes. Should you do it anyways? Yes. 

431 Natoma. (415) 495-1863 Read more »

6 great author readings in the next 12 days


Opt for a night sans sloppy drunks, covers, reality TV, or morning-after regret. Opt for a book reading -- here, we'll get you started with a list of upcoming page-turners. 

Joshua Foer: Moonwalking with Einstein

Foer investigates the inner workings of our brain by drawing on scientific research, cultural history of memory, and personal explorations of different memory techniques.  

Fri/5 7:30 p.m., free. The Booksmith, 1644 Haight, SF. (415) 863-8688, Read more »

Superlist 2011: Bottomless mimosas

City-wide guide to the best sparkling orange deals


DRINKS In the murky depths of our foggy past (the '80s!), the Guardian regularly featured Superlists — as-close-as-it-gets-to-comprehensive guides to a small facet of our beloved city. We were feeling a little dry and reporter-y on a recent Sunday, so we're bringing the tradition back with bottomless mimosas.Read more »