Free classes for all


Why should you need an expensive libereral arts education to ponder the question of realism, or pricey equipment to take a film making class? You don't- the University of the Commons (UOTC) dove into its schedule of free, open to all classes a few weeks ago, and the effort is growing.Read more »

Sure cure for election burnout? Watch this video of activist kids summer camp


So what if the most popular adjective to describe this week's election was "adorable"? By all accounts, we have a generation on the up with the vigor and verve to right all the atrocities ours has committed in regards to social justice, sustainable food systems, fossil fuel dependence, etc. At least, such is the impression given by the promo video sent to us by Youth Empowered Action Camps, a project started by activist Nora Kramer in the hopes of providing a safe, fun place for kids to find their cause. Wanna see hope, encapsulated? Keep going for the video and more info on raddest summer camp ever. Read more »