Tonight! Don't miss your chance to meet a bunch of rich white guys!


Today starting at 6:15pm you have an excellent chance to revel in the population demographic defined by Urban Dictionary as "a group of people who are blamed for all of the problems in the world." Yes, it's white males! And they're rich, too -- or at least they comandeer incredibly expensive toys. The chappies in question are the America's Cup skippers, who will be on display in the America's Cup Village (now open 10am-7pm Tuesday-Saturday) at Little Marina Green on Marina Boulevard. Read more »

Who says sailing's not a spectator sport? Hot America's Cup action

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We brought nautical-themed beer and outfits to Crissy Field for the America's Cup preliminary races, and had a great view of one of the turning points of the really big boats before the winning sailors aggressively sprayed champagne on each other. I'm not sure how many of the race's subtleties our fellow spectators were getting, but it was clear the Team Prada had a lot more fans than Team J.P. Morgan. Read more »

See ya, SAD: Post-Car Travel Agency pops-up with mid"summer" vacay inspiration


It wasn't until I was lying on an office park lawn just south of Jack London Square yesterday, staring back at the Transamerica Pyramid-studded fog bank that currently consitutes our city, that I could acknowledge that Seasonal Affective Disorder is effectively ruining my life and most likely, everyone else's in San Francisco these weeks.

Thankfully, that epiphany was quickly followed by a visit to the antidote, the Post-Car Travel Agency. It's easy for city-dwellers to forget, but it is possible to access sunshine, san automobile, whenever one has the saddlebags to do so. The pop-up agency has popped up on Shotwell Street at the Storefront Lab, where it will be offering bike trip planning know-how, way-flash pannier bags in Bay-inspired colorways handmade by Seattle's Swift Industries, more park guides than you can shake a stick at, and a photo show by Eric Jensen everyday through Fri/24. They also had PBR on my trip to the shop's daily happy hour from 6-9pm yesterday, because any good bike tourist knows malty beverages make the road less rough.  Read more »

Artificial turf project appealed as opponents decry use of kids as lobbyists


As opponents of a controversial plan to install artificial turf soccer fields in Golden Gate Park appealed the project's approval to the Board of Supervisors – with a hearing set for July 10 – they criticized how a soccer coach inappropriately used children to lobby for the project and raised hopes that a new alternative plan would be supported by supervisors.Read more »

Fixie freaks, this weekend's for you


If riding fixed gear bikes on BMX-style ramps and structures sounds like something you'd think up after a half-case of energy drink, take heart oh palpitation pal -- it was in fact dreamed up by Red Bull. Also, you'll be able to check out the absolute chaos on Thu/26 and Sat/28 sans worries of smashing your own over-caffinated brain box all over the asphalt. Read more »

Is San Francisco ready for the electric bike?


"I'm so excited for that hill!" I shouted. And I was on a bike. 

I've never been excited for a hill on a bike before. But last week I tooled around on an electric bicycle with Karen and Brett Thurber, the husband-wife owners of Bernal Hieghts' sweet-swanky new shop New Wheel. We did about half of a 49-mile scenic drive (the one created in 1939 for the Golden Gate International Exposition that was meant to showcase the city's then-new neighborhoods), went up Twin Peaks, and I felt like a million bucks at the end of it.

I tell you this at the risk of sounding soft to pretty much every biker I know, but: "e-bikes" are fun. You can decide yourself -- New Wheel's always open for test rides, and it has a weekend of festivities planned Sat/31-Sun/1 to introduce the metal steeds to your loins. If you're open.  Read more »

The truth hopes: A preview of the Magic Johnson ESPN doc


The votes are in: Magic Johnson is one of the most amazing human beings to walk the earth. The basketball player's announcement on November 7,1991 that he had the HIV virus forever changed the face of the disease. As the Nelson George-directed ESPN documentary, The Announcement -- which premieres Sun/11 -- tells us, after Johnson came out, suddenly everyone knew someone with HIV. Read more »

Serra Bowl to close its lanes April 15th


Serra Bowl general manager Mike Leong sounded distraught on the phone today. "It's like somebody's great-grandfather died," he said. After 51 years of operation, his Daly City bowling alley is losing its lease and will have to close its doors by April 15. Read more »

3 recipes for a (booze-filled) vegan Super Bowl


Leaving aside the fact that the Niners will not be playing in it, Super Bowl 2012 is shaping up to be a helluva game. For one, you'll be able to get your play-by-play commentary from polar bears, corporate trickery though it may be. Two, the Bay Area will not be subjected to dead fetus ads at half-time. Three, Madonna's probably bringing M.I.A. and Nikki Minaj to whatever color of glitter explosion halftime will be. Four, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to gorge yourself on salty snacks, cold beers, and hearty stew, all of the above because we live in Amurrca and that's how it works. 

Yes vegans, even you! John Schlimm, author of the Tipsy Vegan (Da Capo, 176pp, $17)-- which we reviewed in this winter's Guardian Books Issue -- was good enough to share with us some recipes for a nice little lineup of vegan Big Game treats, including whiskey-specked hot-to-trot peanuts, aforementioned hearty veggie-and-beer stew, and a prescription for guacamole that necessitates tequila. See that? Each of Sclimm's dishes are not only animal product-free, but also embued with that lifeblood of all vegans, alcohol. Read more »

There's no crying in football...


It was the crying jag seen round the world. With seconds left in last Saturday's divisional playoff game 49ers tight end (and Guardian cover model) Vernon Davis caught the game-winning touchdown, kept the Niners' Super Bowl hopes alive, and ran headlong into the arms of coach Jim Harbaugh while bawling his eyes out.

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