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SFBG Radio: Censoring the Internet


Some observers are saying that new Congressional legislation could destroy the Internet as we know it. Johnny and Tim discuss the threats to free speech, what can be done -- and why it will never work -- after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Has official SF lost its mind?


Today Johnny and Tim talk about the police raid on Occupy SF -- and why San Francisco officials insist on making this the only large city in the nation that's sending the cops to clear out Occupy Wall Street protesters. Listen after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Jerry Brown, WTF?


In today's episode, we try to figure out WTF is up with Jerry Brown -- and what Californians can do about it. Listen after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Abolish the sales tax?


Today Johnny offers a remarkable sensible economic proposal: What if California got rid of sales taxes entirely -- putting almost 10 percent more money in the pockets of consumers -- and replaced that revenue with higher income taxes on the wealthy? Now, why do you suppose this isn't going to happen? Listen after the break. Read more »

SFBG Radio: The GOP or the SHP?


Today Johnny makes a modest proposal: Instead of calling the Republicans the Grand Old Party, let's be honest and call them the Shit Head Party. Listen up after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: A left-wing tea party?


In this episode, Johnny and economist Johnny Venom talk about the Wall Street protests, what will and won't work, whether the system is too rigged -- and possibly the birth of a left-wing tea party. Check it out after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Why California needs a state bank


Today we talk about why California should follow North Dakota and create a state bank -- and why San Francisco needs a public bank, too. Listen after the jump. Read more »

SFBG radio: Demanding full employment


Today Johnny talks about marching on Wall Street -- to demand full employment or else. Check out the discussion after the jump. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Beyond the Wall Street protests


Today we talk about the protests on Wall Street -- and Johnny offers a more effective approach. Hint: It has to do with blaring out-of-tune techno music at rich people. You'll have to listen after the jump to get the rest. Read more »

SFBG Radio: Secession planning


Today we talk about whether it's crazy for the southern part of the state to secede -- and assorded other topics including the nation's debt limit. Check it out after the jump.  Read more »