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Goings and comings back: 222 Hyde closes, SF Eagle returns. plus: Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Delhi 2 Dublin, Paris is Burning, more parties


SUPER EGO As Maria von Trapp sang at the climax of The Sound of Music, "Whenever the goddess closes a rave cave, somewhere she reopens a gay leather biker bar."Read more »

Eagle beer bust to relaunch on Sun/3: Leathermen and friends rejoice! (UPDATED)


UPDATE: We've just received word that this is not the official weekly relaunch -- just a one time beer bust until more changes can be completed (hopefully very soon). But all are welcome on Sunday. Scratch that -- new owners Mike and Alex have just confirmed that they've passed inspection and the Eagle will be officially open for business starting this Saturday night! 

It's been a long time coming, but many months, a new roof, and several opening postponements later, we have it on great authority that that great bastion of drunken leather biker rock 'n roll whorishness, the SF Eagle, civic institution of the highest blackout magnitude, is back.

And what better kickoff than the return of its legendary beer bust on Sun/3, celebrating the coronation of our new Mr. San Francisco Leather?

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Nite Trax: The Eagle flies again


I hung out yesterday evening with the new occupants of the Eagle Tavern (now known as the SF Eagle, apparently) at a celebration of the lease-signing at the Lone Star Saloon. Alex Montiel and Mike Leon seem perfect to replace the former Eagle operators Joe and John: Tough-looking and leather-bearish, a tad gruff at first but friendly once they warm to you, and a wee bit shy of the press right now.

They'll be releasing their full plans for the storied queer bar in a couple weeks, but I did manage to squeeze some juicy info out of Alex. They hope to open the bar in time for Halloween, the liquor license has indeed been secured (in fact, they have two!), and they'll be doing their best to return some of the Eagle's ambiance to the now-pretty-much-gutted space, with a few slight modifications to the bar layout for code and traffic flow reasons.   

It's certainly been a long, winding, super-convoluted road to get to this point!

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