Sex Issue 2013

Bedroom jams

Set the right tone with our mood-music guide


Are you in the mood for love? Do you need a bubble bath first? Are you down with hot (but safe) stranger sex? Follow our handy flow chart, learn which tracks will best set your love-making mood. Read more »

Hail, Luther

A new musical wave sweeps over the leather scene. Plus: Cub Camp, Deviants, Raime, Lexington Uniform Party, and more filthy-good nightlife


The music has changed. It's OK! The music is great. Let me tell you about Luther.

Since about 2005 — with the rise of the iPod, the laptop DJ, and then the vinyl resurgence — there's been an electrifyingly diverse homosexual dance music scene. A not-so-underground-anymore network of adventurous queer jockeys rings the globe, slicing bleeding edge techno through juicy throwback electro-funk, trancey melodic house, and uncanny contemporary disco.Read more »

Porn again

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: The rediscovered skin flick soundtracks of disco legend Patrick Cowley


Discipline and desire

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Wax Idols frontperson Hether Fortune's empowered outing as a pro-domme


SEX + MUSIC "A lot of dominatrixes are artists," says Oakland's Hether Fortune. "I know a girl who's a tattoo artist, I know models, painters, fashion designers."Read more »

Porn, punked?

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: Want your band to get noticed? Launch a porn site.


SEX + MUSIC Girls put out for bands. Thrashing drums and driving bass have been known to leave a babe or two with autographed cleavage, missing panties, and a backstage pass. Sacramento band Get Shot!, the self-proclaimed "sleaziest punk band in the world," decided to reap more than the usual rewards from its crew of exhibitionist groupies, starting a porn site —, of course — that combines its members' greatest loves: naked girls and rock and roll.Read more »

Charting heat

SEX + MUSIC ISSUE: We pair sex apps with pop stars, because why not.


SEX + MUSIC Today's handheld phones are some well-endowed pieces of equipment. These high-functioning machines can do nearly anything we've been programmed to desire: hitch a ride with a stranger, order extra extra-cheese pizzas, share bleached-out selfies. But they still can't quite have sex with us, even with the vibrate set to high and Siri in overdrive. As hard as this city may be for its tech, all Web rats know that the human touch is the endgame. Thankfully, your phone is stoked to play wingman. Hey technology — it's time to get laid!Read more »