right wing nuts



One of the more hilarious aspects of the back and forth in "Mr Redmond's Cyber Playpen" is the inevitable scream from Redmond's adversaries of "envy" every time Redmond posts anything critical of SF's moneyed class. Imputing motive into why someone says something as a way of derailing a discussion is old hat as is. Who cares why something is written, it's there, debate its merits. But the automatic assumption that Redmond's bitterness over his failure in business leads him to muck-rake isn't even asinine, it's borderline demented.Read more »

Light bulbs, birth defects and sin


Try though I may, I cannot understand the American right in 2013.

Thumbing through the news this morning, I came across two stories that are absolutely mind-boggling. The first is a sad commentary on the kind of mindset that is damaging and pervasive to and among the people that have it. The second is simply incredible.Read more »

The incoherence of the American right


According to the American Right, circa now, the following are truisms:

The bias in the liberal media is crippling the valiant patriot but to re-implement the Fairness Doctrine (where both sides would get equal time) stifles the same valiant patriot.

An undocumented immigrant must wait ten years and pay massive fines to become an American citizen or at least work here legally and that's nowhere near the imposition of a half hour background check.Read more »

Hasta La Vista, Michele Bachmann


Michele Bachmann, unsuccessful 2012 presidential candidate, subject of FBI inquiry, Congressman and wife of "Pray The Gay Away (Except For Mine)" Marcus Bachmann, has decided to call it a day.Not seeking re-election in 2014. Read more »