Right Wing Entertainment Complex

The "L" word


Friend of mine sent me a great piece from the (I hope this isn't verboten) SFGate about the gentrification of South Boston, the section of Boston once ruled by the iron fist of Jim "Whitey" Bulger. Landmarks that were once the alleged mobster's HQ's now turned wineries, the death of the local Irish pub, all Read more »

Rope a dope the whackaloon


Susan Rice, the current US ambassador to the United Nations will be the next national security advisor. She replaces the resigning Tom Donilon. Unlike the position she was up for before, to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Rice is an appointee not subject to confirmation hearings or a vote. The job is hers.Read more »

Both sides DON'T do it


As someone with a lot of friends and contacts in the real world and on the Net, I hear pretty much every opinion under the sun. From die-hard Communist all the way to equally didactic (and tellingly similar) Objectivist, I get it all day every day. Read more »

Sarah Palin = REO Speedwagon


One of the more remarkable components of the so-called "Right Wing Entertainment Complex" (Fox/AM Radio/a gazillion reactionary websites) is the agonizing and complete predictability of its content. Read more »

Because they're assholes


Yesterday, Business Insider, the bastion of leftist socialism, reported that the Republican Party's negatives are polling at an all time high. 59% of the public disapproves of the GOP. That number has only been this high once before.Read more »