The "Do Nothing" Solution to "Illegal Immigration"


Both sides of the political aisle have made a major issue out of the problem of the 11 million people inside the US illegally or presently undocumented. The president has said this is a priority and Florida senator Marco Rubio has agreed. Read more »

Racism and homophobia east of the Rockies


There are assholes everywhere, and there are people in San Francisco who use racist and homophobic slurs. But this interactive map (based on students at Humboldt State analyzing 150,000 nasty tweets (the academic life for you), suggests that the most concentrated jerkfaces are east of the Rocky Mountains. Either that or they use Twitter more.

Stop 'stop and frisk'

Mayor Lee's new policy smacks of Arizona


EDITORIAL If the San Francisco Police Department put up checkpoints and metal detectors all along lower Market Street and stopped and searched every person who walked by, they'd find some contraband. No question — a certain percentage of people on the city's main downtown artery are carrying drugs or weapons. Some have warrants out. There would be multiple arrests and criminals taken off the streets.

And it's hard to imagine that anyone would consider that a good idea.Read more »

On how the Internet tricked us with a racist cake


If you freaked out about that photo of the Swedish minister of culture cutting a cake in the form of the cartoonishly lurid female blackface cake this week, you might want to take a look at offending artist Makode Linde's interview on Al Jazeera today.

And you might want to think about how you're reacting to the Internet. Read more »

Parents in San Francisco: we want justice for Trayvon Martin


"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," President Obama reflected today. In the wake of Trayvon Martin's death, said Obama, “I can only imagine what these parents are going through.”Read more »

Mexico warns citizens: use extreme caution in Arizona


It’s no surprise to anyone who has watched Newsom stubbornly refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of his flawed juvenile immigrant policy that the mayor is playing coy when it comes to the Board of Supervisors’ and the City Attorney's attempts to institute a boycott of Arizona.Read more »