queer youth

Transforming Pride in our schools

It takes more than a one-time discussion or film screening to support queer youth


By Anayvette Martinez

OPINION During Pride, San Francisco is overflowing with LGBT community events, vibrant energy, and rainbow flags. But how do we as a city celebrate diversity and teach each other about the practice of allyship during the rest of the year, especially in our schools where youth are growing and developing?Read more »

Undocumented youth hold 'graduation' at Civic Center


"I'm undocumented and unafraid, queer and unashamed!" Javier Hernandez declared as he took the stage in front of City Hall June 30.

He was one of hundreds of undocumented students from across the western United States who showed up in Civic Center Plaza to celebrate undocumented immigrant youth and students.Read more »

Too dope to be free


But it is! No ticket price required, but you might want to show up early for the wildly popular Queeriosity. 

It’s Youth Speaks’ annual queer poetry slam. The mostly high school age poets who will lay their stunningly well-worded wisdom upon you will be having fun tomorrow night, but they are not messing around. Read more »