Presidential election 2012

City Editor Steven T. Jones on where to get rowdy, dramatic, and/or historically significant for Election 2012

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Sure you voted (you voted, right?), but do you know where your election night party is? After as many years as he's been in the field, City Editor Steven T. Jones has some tips on where to see the most election-cycle hoo-hah. Read more »

Green presidential candidate seeks to energize the disenfranchised


After participating in last weekend's Green Party presidential debate against Roseanne Barr in San Francisco, which we cover in this week's paper, frontrunner candidate Jill Stein stopped by the Bay Guardian office to chat about her hopes for progressive change in this tumultuous political year.

“The political-corporate establishment should not be given a pass in the voting booth,” the Massachusetts physician told us. “Four more years of Wall Street rule is what we get if you give them your vote.”Read more »

Newt Gingrich, commie radical


Actually, more likely Newt Gingrich, Scorched Earth Opportunist, but whatever, we'll take it: Newt -- he the friend of plutocrats and one-time lobbyist for predatory lenders -- is launching an assault on Mitt Romney, calling him, in essence, a capitalist pig who exploits the workers.Read more »

Obama 2012 raises $86 million in small donations


The Obama 2012 campaign files its first financial report with the Federal Election Commission on Friday July 15. In an email to Obama supporters, the campaign noted that, “the Washington chatter around the report we're releasing has focused on one number: the sum total we've raised.”Read more »