Pope Benedict

Look who supports same-sex marriage


The latest Field Poll is very good news for supporters of same-sex marriage in California -- residents of this state now support gay nuptials by almost 2-1. That's a dramatic change since 2008, when Prop. 8 passed; in fact, the poll shows the approval margin widening significantly in just the past two years. Read more »

The end of Joe the Rat


I grew up in the Catholic Church, went to Transfiguration Carmelite School, got beaten with a ruler by the nuns, had a priest try to teach us sex ed, and was so turned off by it all that by high school I was a committed atheist. But I have always maintained a fascination with the Church, the Pope, the Roman Curia and the whole deeply secretive Vatican operation, which makes for some of the most amazing conspiracy theories in the world.Read more »