Phil Ting

What are "old-fashioned" SF values?


Michael Breyer, who has never held elective office in San Francisco and is running for state Assembly, is getting a fair amount of press -- and although he has nowhere near the visibility of Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, he has the support of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and may throw a boatload of money into the race. Read more »

The mortage crimes

A new citywide study casts the fairness of SF foreclosures in doubt


EDITORIAL The mortgage crisis in San Francisco isn't just devastating to homeowners and to the southeast neighborhoods where foreclosures are most common — it's clear evidence that lenders and their affiliates are and have been acting illegally. This city ought to be taking the lead on pressing civil and criminal charges against the mortgage outfits.Read more »

Why do evictions continue despite widespread banking fraud?


Do you think a groundbreaking report – showing that 84 percent of foreclosures in San Francisco over the last three years involved faulty paperwork, some of it amounting to fraud – would finally mean swift justice for victims of those crimes?

Think again.Read more »

The Phil Ting for Assembly campaign is under way


Just a few days after the race for mayor of San Francisco ended, Assessor-Recorder (and mayoral candidate) Phil Ting began his next campaign -- for state Assembly.Read more »