It's the year of the female water snake! Best ways to celebrate this weekend


Mystery, divination, revelation will all mark 2013 if you believe in age-old Chinese astrology. We've entered the year of the female (yin) water snake -- time to get over from the brash dragon year of 2012, thank Gaia. The actual start of the Chinese New Year was on Feb. 10, but the bulk of San Francisco's festivities take place this weekend -- including the red-and-gold parade juggarnaut that'll swamp downtown starting at 5:15pm at Second Street and Market, Sat/23. Don red for good luck, and slither on down to the parade route (or Verdi Club, depending on your celebration perogative.) Read more »

Orange and black forever: The city greets its champions in a Halloween World Series parade


Photographer Charles Russo walked 12 miles to snap these shots of our San Francisco Giants celebrating their World Series victory yesterday -- on Halloween no less! Could it have been the most orange and black day ever, anywhere? The boys all looked good, but major props to pitcher Sergio Romo for his style sense.  Read more »