Russia's Olympic moment: Let's really gay this f*cker up


So, the 2014 Winter Olympics. They're in Russia (specifically, Sochi), which right now hates on all the gays. What should we do? 

Are we boycotting Russian vodka? Which vodka is actually Russian? Is Stoli really Russian, is Stoli really anti-gay? Is Stoli just desperate for attention? (And hey, whatever gripes some have against it, the vodka boycott thing's already been successful: the issue has hit the mainstream mostly due all the queers on Facebook constantly arguing over the boycott itself. Besides, what mainstream media outlet can resist the image of a bunch of queens tossing their precious martinis -- for human rights?)  

I'm a queer who drinks a lot of vodka and hates bigotry -- and so far I'm kind of meh about the responses, as inspiring as they may be. Let's get better.

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14 excellent establishments for Olympic watching


The Olympics might have originated as an an ancient Roman display of physical beauty and premier strength, but this is 2012, the point now is the eating, drinking, voyeurism, and generally being inactive that the Games give you an opportunity to enjoy. With the big show taking place in pub-happy London this year, you can pass off your bar tab as the price one pays for cultural authenticity. After all, it might take a pint at the Phoenix to fully appreciate rower Henrik Rummel's well-endowed disaster. So cheers to the fact that while records are broken and teenagers' dreams are being dashed in Olympic Park, we can chill with our buddies and crack up at professional divers' faces. Party like an Olympian -- need a drinking game to pass the time? -- with this list of fine establishments that showing the games if you ask nicely, satisfying both your appetite and burning need to watch ridiculously fit people sweat in spandex. Read more »

We need a hero

And why look to the Olympics when Vice made a documentary about said savior?


Underworld's dynamic opening ceremony soundtrack


Much has been made of London’s opening ceremony, and director Danny Boyle’s cheeky rejection of Beijing’s rigidly coordinated, assembly-line approach. (Seriously, will Queen Elizabeth and James Bond ever share the screen again?) Completely overlooked, however, was the dynamic, propulsive soundtrack, curated by Underworld: the unsung heroes of British electronic music. Read more »